County Board Asks About Lack of Wind Farms

Knox County SealWind turbines may – or may not – ever come to Knox County, even though the company that was going to do the work here has seemingly backed out for now.

The Knox County Board last night discussed wind energy as they approved a local resident putting up his own small wind energy system. County Board members noted the large amount of turbines throughout Henry County, and knew that there was, at one point, a deal in place to get Knox County in on that.

But, County Board Chairman Greg Bacon says that at the moment there’s no way more wind energy can be developed in this area.

“The grid was bought up, there was not enough grid space to put power on the grid,” says Bacon. “I don’t know how true that was, and I talked to some power company guys I know, and they said that’s a possibility, you can only put so much power on them [sic] transmission lines.”

County officials say Knox County was to be in the second tier of work to be done by Invenergy, LLC, but no one has heard from them in about a year. The problem is, officials say, zoning is ready should wind turbines be constructed, and Invenergy at one point had contracts signed with Knox County landowners.

Bacon says he believes federal tax credits are still available for those building wind farms.

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