Fire Department Hosts Sprinkler Demonstrations

galesburg fire patchThe Galesburg Fire Department is giving the public this weekend a chance to get up close and personal with a fire, and how fire sprinklers can save lives.

The Fire Department has brought in a Quad Cities-based trailer this weekend that Fire Marshal Dan Foley says gives people the chance to essentially sit in a room, watch a fire start, and then watch how the fire sprinkler goes to work.

Foley tells WGIL it’s an effective tool.

“It kind of dispels some myths,” Foley said.  “You kind of understand hands-on, it’s basically a pipe with a valve that turns on [when a fire is] at 155 degrees.  It’s just not like with the movies, where somebody sticks a lighter up by a sprinkler head, and the whole office building goes off, and the criminal gets away.  Only the one that gets up to 155 degrees goes off.”

Foley says the law doesn’t yet require fire sprinklers in new home construction, but that could be a possibility in the future. Only newly-constructed rental properties and, of course, business structures are required to have sprinklers, but he says it would be great if every building had one.

The fire sprinkler demonstration trailer will be at the Galesburg Great Balloon Race tonight and tomorrow night from five to eight, at the Galesburg Farmers Market tomorrow morning, at Lowe’s Saturday at 11, and at Menards Sunday at noon.

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