Computer Network Upgrades Coming To Carl Sandburg College

Carl Sandburg CollegeCarl Sandburg College is about to undergo a major technological upgrade that officials say should help students, faculty, and staff alike.

The Sandburg Board of Trustees last week approved a total of about $194-thousand in bids that will result in upgrades to both the wired and wireless computer networks at the main Galesburg campus, following an evaluation by a campus committee.

Sandburg Associated Director of Educational Technology Linda Lee tells WGIL the wired portion of the upgrade is more than a little needed.

“Our wired infrastructure, while there have been pieces upgraded over the years, we have not had a major upgrade to the entire infrastructure for over 10 years so we feel that needs to be upgraded to the latest and greatest in technology and to provide a stable and wired environment for us,” says Lee.

Lee says the wireless infrastructure needs what she calls a “larger, more dense map” — especially given that students connect to it through their tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers.

The date the upgrades will start has yet to be determined. Upgrades could also come to the Carthage and Bushnell campuses, though Lee says the infrastructures at those sites is newer.

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