Knoxville Schools Look at Budget Deficit

While the just-ended fiscal year was six-figures in the black for the Knoxville School District, the superintendent says the just-started fiscal year will likely be just the opposite.

District-202 Superintendent Steve Wilder, when asked by WGIL, declined to say just how much he’s anticipating a budget deficit to be in the 2015 Fiscal Year, he does think it won’t change much.

Wilder does tell WGIL, though, the surplus from the last fiscal year will help some.

“We’ll hold those funds in reserves,” Wilder said.  “Which means, we’ll be able to spend those this year, but the fiscal year is July 1st to June 30th.  So, it won’t show up as revenue received.  But, we’ll be able to use those dollars to shore up expenses.  We’ll still end up with a deficit budget, but it will allow us to cover that deficit with those reserves.”

Wilder says while state aid is projected to be flat this year, and since the state never gives all the money it promises, that really means a reduction of funding over $400,000 the last several years.

Wilder says one big help to keep finances from being worse is property values doing well — specifically, farm land values.

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