Organization Raises Funds for School Supplies

Donations are being accepted for an event that could help students in Knoxville get prepared for the coming school year.

Project School Room, organized by the Knoxville Council of Churches, is being held this weekend at Mable Woolsey Elementary.

Typically, enough money is raised to assist students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Deanna Reynolds is an event organizer. She tells the WGIL Morning News they’re always looking to reach a level where they can begin serving high school students.

“If we were to get, you know, $20-thousand donated we would be able to do every student in Knoxville,” says Reynolds. “Not every student comes, it’s not need based, but some people have that misconception that it is and that’s a fun thing for some families, they like to go buy the school supplies.”

Last year was the event’s first year with 350 students served and the Knoxville Council of Churches says about 40-percent of Knoxville students were on free and reduced lunch.

A greater effort is supposedly needed this year because around 50% of students are now on free and reduced lunch.

The event is also open to home schooled kids in Knoxville.

The Knoxville Council of Churches is primarily looking for monetary donations that will be used to purchase the school supplies.

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