Appeal of Public Housing Inspections Worked

The Knox County Housing Authority says they weren’t expecting it, but their appeals of some recent inspection audits at two of their properties worked.

Executive Director Derek Antoine told the Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners this morning that he recently learned that points taken off audits of Moon Towers in Galesburg and Bluebell Towers in Abingdon were put back on.

Antoine says he knew the problems weren’t that big of a deal at Bluebell in some instances.

“Bluebell originally scored a the 88.4, there was a… 9.37 [deduction], I think was the total, of the deduction for the rust on the roof access door, again this was superficial rust, it did not affect A: the security of that entrance, or B: the ability of that door to weather proof that area,” says Antoine.

Antoine says the appeal of Moon Towers was so successful the score ended up being nearly perfect.

He says that gets the Housing Authority toward being into a “high performer” status, which he says speaks to how hard the staff works to keep everything working.

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