City Preparing to Update Building Codes

The City of Galesburg is hoping to update the their current building codes to a more recent edition.

The second half of Monday night’s Galesburg City Council work session meeting focused attention on the process for adopting new codes.

Currently, eight code editions are being enforced within the City both through national organizations and codes required by the state of Illinois.

The City of Galesburg does have the option to amend, add, or delete certain sections of the codes to better fit residents and builders.

Community Development Director Roy Parkin says each code is developed with much consideration due to new advances.

“It used to be it was all two-by dimensional wood framing, now you’ve got plywood trusses, you have all kinds of things that are out there that have been developed every year and until they’ve been incorporated into the building code, there’s nothing really out there that says you can use this,” says Parkin.

The City’s Community Development department says they are recommending new codes be adopted to ensure the latest technology is implemented.

Apart from public safety, the City has its codes evaluated every handful of years and is provided a rating that could be affected without updates.

A review was conducted of current and updated codes by administration with no suggested changes according to City documents.

The City Council however has recommended not including sprinklers in one and two family residential units under the International Residential Code.

Updated codes will be presented in ordinance form at the Council’s first meeting in September.

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