PZ Commission Recommends Subdivision For Cannabis Cultivation

A company interested in cultivating medical cannabis in Galesburg may be one step closer.

The business – which remains nameless – has purchased land in the 1500 block of South Henderson Street.

In order to operate a medical cannabis facility in compliance with state law, however, the land needed to be subdivided. The reason was that a portion of the land was within 2,500 feet of a residential area.

Community Development Director Roy Parkin says he doesn’t believe the company is looking to expand at this point.

“It’s either a three or a five year window where the law will expire and if they want to continue to carry on, the state legislature will have to approve it again,” says Parkin. “At that point if things are going well, they may look to expand at that point, but I think they’re plans are just to utilitze the existing building.”

The company could create between 30 and 40 full-time jobs according to Mayor John Pritchard. No applications for licenses have been accepted by the state of Illinois.

Parkin says without the subdivision, the business could not operate in that spot.

“You cannot have any portion of the lot within that 25-hundred foot spacing,” says Parkin. “The other thing about a cultivation center is everything has to be inside. There would be no marijuana that would be grown outside, it would be grown within the building under strict security measures.”

The cultivation centers would follow Illinois State Police Districts once implemented.

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