Monmouth Seeks Road Salt After No Bids Received

The bids for road salt went out, but the City of Monmouth was left without a supplier.

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services announced the results of a joint purchase program bid that serves more than 500 communities. Nearly 200 of those communities, however, did not receive a bid for road salt, Monmouth included.

Monmouth Public Works Director Andy Jackson tells WGIL the sooner they can find a supplier, the better.

“There are several factors involved here,” says Jackson. “Plus I think the major salt producers, or at least this is what they’re telling me when I call them, they don’t have the salt for a variety of reasons.”

The City says they are in talks with different suppliers that could still provide road salt this year. Monmouth does anticipate paying a higher cost than usual for road salt due to the bid challenges. Jackson tells WGIL that Monmouth has received bids every year during his tenure.

“I think, you know, several things have come together to kind of put the crunch on us a little bit,” says Jackson. “The salt’s out there and I’ve been in contract with several vendors who are willing to supply, I’ve just got to get a competitive price from them.”

The Associated Press is reporting that some communities could be paying double what they did last year.

The Maple City has road salt in reserves in the instance they have further difficulties obtaining the product.

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