Extra Patrols After Possible Attempted Arson

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police responded to the Lincoln Park bathrooms of all places on Wednesday morning to a report of an attempted arson using toilet paper.

An employee responsible for unlocking the facilities each morning explained someone had tried to light the men’s restroom on fire using the product.

According to police, a large amount of toilet paper was strewn across the bathroom. It appeared to investigators that the suspect allegedly tried to light the toilet paper on fire in an attempt to start the structure ablaze.

The fire got far enough to create ashes on the floor according to the police report and got hot enough to pull some concrete sealant to the surface.

The Galesburg Fire Department was called to the scene to potentially file an attempted arson report. Police say they have no suspects at this time, but are conducting extra patrols in the area for the time being.

Officers say a similar incident recently took place at HT Custer park near the shelter.

No suspects have been named in connection with the incident. An investigation is continuing.

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