Warren County Board Gives Go-Ahead for Marijuana Facility

Applications for medical marijuana facilities are not being accepted; however, the Warren County Board is standing behind a company planning on building a facility in Roseville.

The company, Salveo Heath and Wellness has purchased land from Andrew and Frank Huston of Roseville that would allow for the cultivation of cannabis, for the sole purpose of medical use.

However, before the company sends in their application they wanted to make sure they had the support of the county; and a during a special county board meeting last night, States Attorney Albert Algren told board members he drafted a letter that would reflect the County’s support of a potential business.

“I did that because of the feeling, the feedback I heard from County Board members, that there was concern that support you give may appear to be supporting marijuana,” Algren said.  “I tried to frame this and set the tone, but that’s not it.  You’re supporting citizens of our county, and a business.”

County Board Member Sean Cavanaugh tells WGIL the matter at hand was not about if it was a good or bad idea to allow for the legalization of medical marijuana, but to show support for a potential business.

“Warren County is not in the habit of denying rights to individuals as laid out by the State,” Cavanaugh said.  “This meeting was not the time or place for a discussion about what might happen in the future.  It was about their application process.  We’re just trying to look out for just the process.”

Salveo CEO Alex Thiersch tells WGIL the best way to look at this facility is from a business aspect.

“There is going to be a cultivation center in this [Illinois State Police] district,” Thiersch said.  “I think it’s paramount that we get serious, responsible people who are business people, who are looking at this as a business, because it does create jobs.  It can create a lot of good things in the community.  You have to approach it that way.”

The board voted eight to five in favor of sending a letter of support for the cultivation center to the Department of Agriculture and for Salveo to move forward with their application.

There was heavy discussion before the vote and concern the letter did not press the matter that Warren County did not want to see legalized medical marijuana lead to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

However, board members were told those were two separate issues.

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