Cars from Classic to Restored Take Over Monmouth

Technically the Maple City Car Cruise didn’t begin until 6 o’clock., however, cars started taking over downtown Monmouth as soon as they could.
The Cruise, which typically brings in between 15-hundred to 2-thousand cars is a celebration of cars and the people who love them.
Almost every inch of downtown Monmouth was taken over with trucks, bikes cars and people looking to show off what they had or look at the many different car options in attendance.

Car enthusiast Tom Arkebauer was showing off his 1937 Pontiac 4 door and he tells WGIL for him coming to the Maple City Car Cruise is all about the community aspect, not so much who has the best car.

“Really most car enthusiast that are, I call them real car people, it’s about the friendship and the comradery that we bring our own cars too.”

Arkebauer says it’s really about a celebration of the cars and the people.
The Maple City Car Cruise is considered one of the largest car cruises in the region and attracts people from all over.
Arkebauer says it’s cruises like the Maple City’s that are a great place to start if you’re interested in getting into the car restoration or collection hobby.


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