“Headbangers Ball” and “Racing Rocks” Host Stops in Galesburg

rikiandchrisThe former host of MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” and current host of “Racing Rocks” Riki Rachtman made a brief appearance in Galesburg this morning.

Rachtman stopped by the 92.7 FM The Laser’s studio to record his weekly show “Racing Rocks” and talk with on air personality Chris LaGrow.

Rachtman, who’s an avid Harley Davidson rider, took on the challenge of riding cross-country with some friends, but this summer Rachtman tells WGIL the trip is a little different.

“I usually ride with Taime of Faster Pussycat, and Gilby Clark of Guns and Roses, those guys have just been my friends for, oh jeez, over 25 years, but they both went on tour together this summer, so I decided to ride one lap around American by myself,” says Rachtaman.

Rachtman says it’s a “crazy” adventure he’s undertaken and it’s even stranger not planning anything out.

He says the bike he’s riding had GPS and he programs where it wants to go and off he goes. Rachtman headed off to the Indiana Motor Speedway where he says he wanted to see if he could “kiss the bricks” – a tradition started by NASCAR Champion Dale Jarrett.

You can hear on-air personality Chris LaGrow’s interview with Rachtman at www.thelaseronline.com. Rachtman’s show airs Sundays on “The Laser.”


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