Right Turns on Red Proposed for Consideration

8-4-14 Right Turn on RedThe matter is only on first reading tonight, but discussion in previous months has led to a proposal to allow right turns during red lights on Main Street in Galesburg.

Developing an ordinance to change the current traffic standards has been discussed in the preceding months.

The matter was taken to the City of Galesburg’s Traffic Advisory Commission where it was recommended for approval.

There are a few conditions that would necessitate continuing the restriction, including poor visibility, high pedestrian counts, and more than three accidents in 12 months.

Research was conducted by the City, and the crashes reported over a five year period found each of the vehicle accidents resulted from left turns.

Because the proposal is being sought on East Main Street, the Illinois Department of Transportation has jurisdiction.

City documents, however, suggest I-DOT officials have agreed to go along with the City of Galesburg’s recommendation.

The intersections affected would include East Main Street from Cherry to Seminary Streets.

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