Starbucks Comes Back to Galesburg

StarbucksAccording to multiple sources, a Starbucks Coffee Company location will be opening in Galesburg fairly soon.

A statement from the company sent on Friday of last week confirmed the popular coffee chain will open shop inside of the East Main Street Hy-Vee.

A spokesperson for Starbucks anticipates the location will be operating by September of this year.

The company specializes in the roasting of beans and the making of several popular coffee drinks.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has attempted to open a location in Galesburg.

Previously, the company operated out of a site on North Henderson Street where the current Verizon affiliate is located. That Starbucks location was in business for a period of less than one year.

East Main Hy-Vee General Manager Dave Rasmussen also confirmed the store will be opening sometime this year, but declined to be interviewed for this story.

In their statement, Starbucks says choosing a site involves many factors, often using licensees to bring the stores to their respective areas.

There has been no indication how many employees will be hired once the operation is up and running.

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