Abingdon Aldermen Talk Purchase of New Radio Read Water Meters

As most of the water meters in the City of Abingdon become digital, the Abingdon City Council is working to make sure they have the right equipment to read those meters.

During Monday night’s City Council Meeting, aldermen discussed approving $20-thousand to purchase new radio read water meters.

Mayor John DeJaynes tells WGIL the City budgets for as many radios as they can in each year, but it will only get them so many.

“This year, we’ll probably get 200 more this year,” says DeJaynes. “It’ll take us up to about half-way, I’m not sure, they gave the numbers, I think there’s something like 1,100 different ones in town so that’ll get us to around 500, 550 I believe.”

DeJaynes says no action was taken on the matter last night, but he says the Council will vote on the purchase at their next meeting in August.

He anticipates aldermen will approve the purchase, considering that the money has previously been budgeted.


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