City Council Approves Cannabis Subdivision

A cannabis cultivation company interested in locating its services in Galesburg is now at least partly in compliance with the state of Illinois.

The Galesburg City Council, last night, approved the minor plat subdivision for a company that, as of yet, remains nameless. The business requested the land be subdivided in order to fall outside a restriction that forbids cannabis cultivation within 2,500 feet of a residential area.

Mayor and WGIL Owner John Pritchard tells WGIL talks with the company are ongoing.

“We continue to explore issues about security and everything else that might be a concern to our residents,” says Pritchard.

Changing the land was previously recommended by the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Licenses have not been accepted by the state of Illinois, but if approved the company could create between 30 and 40 full-time jobs in Galesburg.

Previously, a second company was considering Galesburg as a potential cannabis cultivation spot. It was learned Monday night there is now only one company that Mayor John Pritchard is aware of. Despite the discussions held within City government, Pritchard tells WGIL there are still misperceptions about what the cultivation center entails.

“One of the things I’m hearing out there is that a lot of people think a cultivation center involves growing cannabis outside like sweet corn,” says Pritchard. “No. In the state of Illinois all of these centers will be located inside buildings.”

The City Council approved the change on a 4-1 vote with Alderman Ken Goad voting against the measure.

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