Knoxville Council Approves Zoning Change for Business Expansion

(WGIL News File Photo)
(WGIL News File Photo)

Owners of the Knoxville Mercantile Mart went before the Zoning Board of Appeals to request a change in the zoning behind their store.

The property behind the store is currently zoned residential and a request to change it to commercial was made.

The board of appeals approved the request and brought the matter before the Knoxville City Council. However Mayor Bob Johnson tells WGIL there are some concerns over allowing this project to move forward.

“They haven’t stated yet what shops they want to put in there,” Johnson said.  “We still have to worry about some things.  When you put something back there, [there will be] water runoff and the dust.”

Johnson says what makes the situation even harder is the owners will not disclose what sort of businesses they want to put in the area.

He says they’re worried others will copy their idea and to avoid that they’ve been very vague with the details.

Aldermen approved the zoning request six to one with Alderman Kirk Heller voting no.

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