Nursing Home To Re-Bid Kitchen Project

The Knox County Nursing Home has rejected bids for work planned on its kitchen.

During a special meeting held last night by the County’s Nursing Home Committee, the bids received for replacing the ceiling were reviewed.

Although the County projected costs in the range of about $60-thousand, the two bids submitted were considered well in excess of that figure.

The Committee is now anticipating to re-bid the project, only this time there will be a few alterations.

Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says there could be a few reasons for the high price.

“I think what really kicked it up was the same problem we ran into at the courthouse where everything has to be completely cleaned up each night,” says Gladfelter. “Down there it’s a matter of cleaning things up, and if it didn’t get cleaned up it just made somebody mad because their workspace was dirty. Here’s its a health violation.”

The Nursing Home was cited for problems with its ceiling earlier this year, and despite the violation only covering a section, the County decided to replace the entire ceiling and light fixtures.

Committee members toured the area to better understand the problems involved.

To lower the bid price, a commercial mobile kitchen may be used to prevent clean-up on a nightly basis and avoid code violations.

The bid is expected to come back by the County’s September meeting.

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