Several Unlocked Cars Burglarized

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police are investigating a spate of vehicle break-ins over the weekend.

According to the police reports, a high concentration of drivers left their cars unlocked in the areas of Cherry, Seminary, Beecher, and Willard Streets.

Officers responded to multiple calls where the victims reported items missing from their vehicles.

At the locations on Willard Street, a digital camera and some loose change was reported missing.

Similar items were reported stolen in the other locations. On Cherry Street loose change was also taken. At a separate location, the glove box had been entered.

Other items reported missing include a satellite radio receiver, sunglasses, and car parts.

A garage was also entered in one of the instances where a bicycle was reported stolen.

Some evidence was collected at a few of the sites. The Galesburg Police Department has, in the past, reminded residents to keep their cars locked to avoid instances of theft and burglary.

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