Corn Crop Looks Healthy and Plentiful this Season

Farmers in Knox County can take pride in their crops this season.

Unlike last year, most of the reports regarding the corn crop are very positive with this season’s rain and dry weather mix.

Knox County Farm Bureau President Tim Main tells the WGIL Midday that the recent rain got did some good for the crops and the next rain could bring the crops close to harvest.

“Things look good, yes they do, and we were fortunate, I think we had anywhere from probably what would be considered a heavy due over by Rio, up to an inch by Galva. So a couple more showers and this crop’s going to be in pretty good shape.”

Main says it’s been a really good season for corn and that’s evident by the height in some of the fields.

However, Main reminds drivers when they’re on those country roads to pay attention to where they’re going and take extra precaution around the corn fields.

He says there have been a few accidents this season due to the high corn and drivers have to really be aware of their surroundings.


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