Fieldhouse Not Ready in Time for Fundraiser

(April, 2014 WGIL News File Photo)
(April, 2014 WGIL News File Photo)

Ongoing delays in construction of the new athletic facility at Galesburg High School are close to causing some havoc.

Athletic Director Ralph Henning says an Athletic Boosters fundraiser and open house at the new facility and fieldhouse scheduled for next weekend have been cancelled.

Henning tells the WGIL Morning News the fieldhouse isn’t quite ready to be opened yet.

“We do not feel like we will have the fieldhouse portion ready to go by that time,” Henning said.  “They are putting down the flooring.  I believe they’re supposed to start on it late this week, next week.  It’s about a two- or three-week process.”

Henning does feel most of the athletic complex work will be ready in time for home football games, but that’s assuming teachers in the district don’t strike as of next week.

Henning says there could be a possible work stoppage if teachers walk the picket lines, but construction manager Russell Construction will deal with that.

Nevertheless, Henning remains optimistic everything will be substantially done sooner rather than later.

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