Festival Liquor Ordinance Heads to City Council

After more than a year in the making and an overview from the City of Galesburg’s legal team the long awaited festival liquor ordinance is now headed to city council.

The Liquor Advisory Commission Monday quickly went over the changes made to the document from legal and voted in favor of the changes and sending it to the mayor to be reviewed by aldermen.

There was some thought this ordinance, allowing for the sale of liquor at outdoor festivals and other events, could be fast-tracked and approved by aldermen after one reading.  However, Commission Chair Curt Kramer tells WGIL this is not an ordinance that needs to be rushed.

“Some people get a little…angry sometimes when it’s rushed through.  They haven’t had an opportunity to research it themselves and/or ask questions,” Kramer said.  “I think, with this, the two readings, that is a good thing.”

Kramer says he’s happy with the outcome of the ordinance and admits he had some reservations about the commission creating such an ordinance to begin with.  But he says the final ordinance they’ve come up with really does a great job of making sure the proper precautions are taken and are in place to prevent underage drinking.

It’s unclear at this time at which city council meeting this ordinance will be addressed.

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