Building Committee Talks More Courthouse Renovations

Knox County SealIn an effort to keep projects at the Knox County Courthouse going, Knox County borrowed money from the public safety tax.

According to County Board Chair Greg Bacon, over time that money amounted to around $300,000.

Bacon says Knox County Sheriff David Clague has decided to forgive that loan under the agreement the committee uses that money to continue work on the courthouse.

Bacon suggested one place to start is in the main courtroom on the second floor.

“We need to do something with that jury box,” Bacon said.  “It’s a safety hazard as it is right now, for elderly jurors and whatever.  So, there’s plans that we’re drawing up and stuff like to rebuild that jury box.  We need to think about proceeding with that part of it.”

It was also recommended to have plaster work done as well as an inspection of the fire escape.

The committee approved having the fire escape inspected by Klinger and Associates for $1,500.  That now goes to Knox County Board for approval.

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