Galesburg Teacher Strike Could Affect Monmouth-Roseville

Monmouth-Roseville might not start school until next week, but that doesn’t mean the district isn’t keeping a close eye on the teachers’ strike in Galesburg.

That’s because Monmouth-Roseville is a part of the Knox-Warren Special Education district and those teachers are currently on strike.

Monmouth-Roseville Superintendent Ed Fletcher tells WGIL at this point all the district can do is wait and plan.

“We have been waiting for information from Galesburg, and the Knox-Warren Special Education Coop,” Fletcher said.  “We’re really still sorting through that.  We just received some information this morning, so I know my principles and I are going to sit down, look at the information received from Knox-Warren, and try to come up with a plan to address that for our district.”

Fletcher says if the strike does go into next week and beyond, it could mean moving some students around to other classrooms.

He says it’s going to take time figuring out where to put some of those students, but it’s about making sure those students are going to have the same level of care as they do when their aids and teachers are in session despite the situation in Galesburg.

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