WEB EXTRA: Full Statement from Galesburg Education Association

Continuing-CoverageFollowing is the full statement issued Tuesday night by the Galesburg Education Association regarding the strike members are currently on.

The Galesburg Education Association does not accept the offer made by the District 205 Board of Education as it fails to address our primary concerns. The proposal does not adequately address safe working conditions for educators and students. Fair working conditions such as just cause for dismissal and the number of days and hours employed are not included.

Like any employees, we want to be treated fairly. A fair contract attracts and retains the best educators for our students and our community. A long-term perspective requires us to have a competitive contract to maintain a quality education and a quality school district.

For the past decade, the District 205 Board of Education has waited until the last minute to resolve contract issues. Blaming the state of Illinois for our problems with finances is an old standby. None of our issues deal with state finances. Our issues deal with respect and concern for what is best for our students and our community. Until we, the GEA, stand against this last-minute policy, it will continue.

We want the best for our school district, our community, and our students. Our working environment becomes our students’ – your children’s – learning environment. We are heartbroken to be forced into this strike but committed to stand for what is right.


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