County Committee Recommends Cannabis Cultivation Zoning

A company interested in locating a cannabis cultivation center in Knox County has received a key committee recommendation.

The company will be competing with potential sites in Galesburg and Rock Island for the Illinois State Police District 7 license. The state of Illinois is accepting applications for medical cannabis cultivation, but there will only be one license awarded per police district.

Knox County Zoning Administrator Chris Gray says they’ve been working with the interested company closely.

“Our deadline to file for the September hearing was last week,” says Gray. “Their application came in [Wednesday], we gave them additional time because of what it was and because of the deadline with the state.”

The company would be located on south Henderson Street, but outside of Galesburg.

A facility would need to be constructed in order for the company to begin producing cannabis according to the discussion.

Creating an appropriate conditional use for the business will be reviewed by the full County Board later this month.

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