County May Soon Offer Zoning Violation Process

The Knox County Highway and Zoning Committee met last night to review a potential proposal to speed up the correction of zoning violations.
Currently, those non-compliance complaints are handled by the 9th Judicial Circuit Court, but are considered to take more time than necessary.
The committee suggested that the implementation of an “administrative adjudication hearing system” would help bring property owners into zoning compliance, and do so with added incentive.

Knox County Assistant State’s Attorney Dave Hansen says he’s been comparing notes with other counties and municipalities.

“The whole idea is to expedite people to hopefully voluntarily comply with you know the zoning requirement. We’re not necessarily looking for you know to kick people in the butt and take money from them and stuff. What we want is compliance with the zoning, with our zoning ordinance.”

A hearing officer would be appointed to review the cases.
The committee will consider the plan over the next month before deciding to recommend the change to the full Knox County board.

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