Other Districts Also Affected By the Strike

Special Education teachers in some school districts in Knox and Warren Counties likely won’t be on the job until the strike involving the Galesburg Education Association is resolved.
That’s because special ed teachers are a part of the Knox-Warren Special Education District in most cases, and those teachers are a part of the GEA. For the Knoxville School District, Superintendent Steve Wilder says that affects eight teachers in their schools, in addition to several aides.

Wilder tells WGIL if the GEA strike continues until the start of classes for them September second, they’ll have a plan in place for special ed students.

“Will be working with Dawn Michaud who’s the Executive Director of the  Special Educaiton Co-Op, Dawn is very well versed in administering special education programs, all the requirements, things like meeting the needs of individualized education plans or IEPs for students to make sure we’re living up to the state and federal law. We will have to provide those services, that’s something that’s required.

The Abingdon-Avon and Williamsfield School Districts have withdrawn from the coop, so those special education teachers won’t be impacted.
Meantime, officials at Costa Catholic Academy say they don’t have transportation or lunch for students because of the strike. Lunch is available today, but officials say that won’t be the case going forward until the strike is resolved.

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