Local Lawyer Makes Statements on Redistricting

The issues of redistricting and term limits tend to come up quite often during an election cycle.

In fact, Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner even petitioned for changes in state redistricting. His petition was recently found unconstitutional and thrown out.

Now local attorney Bill Butts has announced his plans to work to get redistricting on the election ballot.

Butts told reporters this is not a task that will easily make its way onto the ballot. It will likely meet opposition from man,  so preparation is key.

“This can take years before this is done, but eventually we’re going to get it on the ballot if we work together, both parties, with the people, because I dare say that if either one of these propositions was allowed to go out to the public, it would pass fabulously,” says Butts.

Butts, who’s also a strong proponent for term limits, says if the state could get redistricting on the ballot and passed the issue, term limits would take care if itself.

Butts pressed that this issue is non-partisan and affects everyone regardless of their political views.

He says it first starts with educating people and making sure voters understand they know what the problems are concerning the system.


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