Recognizing the Signs of Depression

What is depression?

“I heard it described once very eloquently that it is like a heavy darkness that overcomes you.”That’s local Psychologist Doctor Kristin Larson. Larson says that darkness presses down on you and makes even the most basic things difficult.
Depression is not something people talk openly about, you don’t tend to tell people you spent the weekend fighting off a bout of depression.
In many cases those with depression suffer alone, and Larson tells WGIL that’s because depression is a mental disorder and many mental disorders come with negative stigmas.

“As a society we tend to hold people more responsible for having depression or anxiety or some other kind of disorder like it’s a weakness in their character, and that is so far from the truth. We do know that there’s a lot of things that can contribute to depression but character weakness is not one of them.”

Larson says if you think you’re suffering from depression or may have symptoms that are linked to depression you can make an appointment with a licensed psychologist.
However, she says if you’re not ready for that sort of treatment you can always start with your doctor.

Larson says you can always contact her and her husbands practice which is  located in town by calling (800) 608-1956 to schedule an appointment.

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