School District Grants Waiver for Fall Sports

Fall sports will resume at Galesburg High School despite the ongoing teachers strike and both sides not being able to reach any sort of agreement.
The School District sent out a press release this afternoon regarding the situation of fall sports and allowing students to practice during the strike.
The district had initially rejected a request for a waiver form the Streaks Football Coach and according to a press release the district says they initially denied the waiver over several concerns.
Those included not wanting to interfere with the union’s right the strike and the possibility of creating legal problems.
The press release also states the board was concerned over allowing the boys to practice over the girls and the fallout from students and parents crossing the picket lines to attend a practice.
On Thursday the board through the mediator sent a written letter to the union asking if they would agree to allow fall sports to proceed under four sets of terms.
The union has denied the proposal. However, the board which according to the press release is not required to have the union’s permission to  grant the waiver has decided to move forward and allow Fall Sport to proceed.

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