WEB EXTRA: Ongoing Comments Regarding Fall Sports

Comments made by the District 205 Board of Education, followed by the Galesburg Education Association in their entirety.

School Board:

In the late afternoon on Thursday, August 14, 2014, the Board of Education received, through email and the mediator, a “supposal” from the Galesburg Education Association. The Board has reviewed it and a return “supposal” has been sent to mediator this morning.

Along with the contract proposal, the Board has sent a proposed agreement to the Galesburg Education Association, which, if agreed to, would allow all fall sports to resume practice. The Board looks forward to a response from the GEA.

Bart Arthur, Superintendent

Galesburg Education Association:

The Galesburg Education Association continues to recognize the Board’s managerial rights in granting the waiver to allow the football team to practice.  The GEA has no authority in this matter.  We stand by our prior press release and statements that we do not oppose the Board’s signing the waiver for the football team or any other team to practice.  According to IHSA and IESA Strike Guidelines addressing athletic and activities’ practices:   

Under the following criteria, practice sessions of the normal length and frequency may be held during the period when school is not fully operating:  1. They must be approved by the local Board of Education and school administration.” (p.89 and 90 #6 Strike Policy of IHSA)

 We do not put students in the middle of our negotiations, but want what is best for our student athletes. 


Dave Sharp, GEA President

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