GEA Gathers With Supporters at Lincoln Park

SFRally2A sea of blue surrounded the Lincoln Park Gazebo Friday night as the Galesburg Education Association hosted a “Students First” Rally.

The rally – which emphasized the importance of student safety and good quality education – invited supporters for a night of speeches and some clarification on just what the GEA is asking for from District 205.

GEA Spokesperson Tami Qualls says allowing fall sports practices was a good move by the Board of Education, but students should never have been in the middle of the ongoing dispute.

Qualls tells WGIL that the GEA has said from the beginning to let them play, saying that it was the school board who decided to make it a union issue.

“It is totally the board and it says it in IHSA, we have nothing to do with that,” says Qualls. “I think they’re trying to pull us into it because they want it to appear like we were stopping it.”

Qualls says she thinks the board saw just how important it was to the students when the entire football team showed up to picket outside the District 205 Administrative offices at the Lincoln Center.


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