Congresswoman Meets with Galesburg Teachers

Bustos picOver the weekend, few words have been exchanged between the Galesburg Education Association and the District 205 School Board.

Teachers remain on strike as contract talks are being conducted with the help of a mediator through e-mail.

On Saturday, 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was hoping to gather more information about the dispute. She met with several District 205 teachers to better understand just what they’re seeking in the negotiation process.

Bustos tells WGIL she’s a strong advocate for teachers, but she’s encouraging both the GEA and the School Board to find a resolution.

“Let’s sit down, make sure the differences can be worked through because we need to make sure the kids can go back to school and make sure teachers are treated fairly in their profession,” says Bustos.

Fall sports practices were allowed by the School Board on Friday in the hopes that forfeiting competitions can be avoided.

Bustos says teachers play an important role in any community. The Congresswoman made a point of it to say she was seeking additional details to better understand the problem areas.


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