Plans In Works To Feed Kids While Strike Ongoing

While a teacher’s strike in Galesburg enters a new week, several people are hoping to provide food to students who may need it.

With schools closed, children who would normally receive meals through a free-and-reduced lunch, or other means, may be going without. Those organizers are hoping lunch spots could be set up near neighborhood schools.

Organizer Rhonda Brady tells WGIL the lunch spots would be within walking distance of many homes.

“It’s not a cafeteria, it’s not where they come and sit and eat and spend an hour,” says Brady. “They would come and pick up a lunch and take it home or go outside and eat it.”

The concerned citizens say they are in talks with District 205 to either extend a summer meal program, or work with area churches and non-profits to provide meals through private means.

Knox County is one of seven counties in the state of Illinois that is considered food insecure.

Brady tells WGIL the community is behind an effort like this.

“They know the kids need to eat,” says Brady. “They know the kids are hungry, they know families have spent money for school supplies and new shoes and doctors physicals and budgeted that their children would be eating at school, and now they’re not.”

Although the lunch offerings would be targeted to students in need, any student could participate.

Lunch spots may be operating by Tuesday according to Brady. A list will be developed that states the location of the lunch spots if implemented.

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