Teacher’s Strike Takes Center Stage During School Board Meeting

The Galesburg Education Association showed up an hour before the District 205 Board of Education meeting, lining  Harrison Street in silence.
As the meeting time approached, a sea of blue packed the district office until there was standing room only in an effort to show the board of education they’re not happy with the current situation and want a resolution.
Those who spoke were from the community or former teachers or students, however, the union’s chief negotiator, Luann Statham, did address the board.

“This team has been ready to meet with you without the mediator since last Thursday at 8 am.  Tonight we present to you a formal proposal that is nearly identical to our last offer to you, a proposal that is substantially the same as what we have requested for weeks.  It’s a proposal with your agreement will end this strike and get the school started  serving the students and community as they should.”

Several board members expressed their frustrations with how the negotiations have gone as well.
Board President Michael Panther told those in attendance as a whole we’ve all failed in this situation.
Panther says there’s been a lot of miscommunication and that’s lead to distrust.
Negotiations between the board and the Union start again tomorrow at 10 am.


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