Continued Strike Affects Smaller Academic Activities

picket1Throughout the teacher’s strike the community has been told the Union in no part wanted to stop student athletes, especially the football team from practicing.
Eventually that situation was worked out and students were given a waiver allowing them to practice, but student athletes are not the only ones affected by the strike.

There are a number of different activities from band to speech and everything in between students participate in during the school year, but those students, unlike the athletes have to wait until the strike ends to start their extra curriculars.
Galesburg High School WYSE and Speech Coach Don Trinite says the strike means he’s cut off from providing Speech team members with scripts or finding new members, but he tells WGIL it’s the WYSE students that he’s really concerned about.

“Everyday that they’re not in their AP classes getting their information getting the knowledge they need to compete against the Illinois Math and Science Institutes, and other magnet charter schools throughout the state that we go against is just putting us at, putting our team our kids at a disadvantage when it comes to flexing our academic muscles.”

Trinite says the momentum has been halted, between the WYSE team not being able to get into a study, test rhythm.
He also pointed out the his speech kids, who Trinite says are mainly theatre kids can’t prepare for their upcoming fall theatre production.

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