County Board Approves New 911 Referendum

When a ballot question during the last election failed to gain enough votes, members of the Knox County Board decided to try again.
During a special meeting last night, Board members agreed to what they believe is improved language for the 911 tax referendum.
The question hopes to provide additional funding that Knox County Sheriff David Clague has said is at risk.
Knox County Clerk Scott Erickson tells WGIL a lot of the language is regulated by state statute.

“They’re trying to make it a little less confusing, I mean before when it was more prevention, detention public safety issues for crime prevention and different things, it gets a little confusing. It was a fairy long question. Now they’re trying to focus more on,  for maintenance and up keep for the 911 system and other public safety purposes.”

Approval of the new language passed unanimously.
The referendum will now be put on file in preparation for the ballot design process that will occur shortly at both the County and City level.
The question will appear on the ballot during this November’s election. A special meeting was required due to the set-up of the election calendar.

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