24 Hours on the Picket Line

During the teacher’s strike, Galesburg High School has been picketed 24 hours a day.

GEA members have been taking shifts picketing the school, but five teachers took it upon themselves to take picketing to the next level: a 24 hour picket. Stu Schaafsma, Brad Mowen, Fannetta Jones, Don Trinite and Dan Guerrero took on the 24 hour challenge all in support of the bargaining process.

Schaafsma says they wanted to show their support for both sides who’ve been working hard to get a contract worked out.

He tells WGIL that for them the next step is really to wait and see what happens.

“This is our honest to best hope, we go to sleep for however long we can sleep in the daytime and then we wake up and check Facebook and it says we have a compromise figured out, and I mean that’s really all we want, best case scenario,” says Schaafsma.  “Worst case scenario, we come back to the picket line.”

Schaafsma says they had great support throughout the night including plenty of food and caffeine.

He says they kept themselves busy playing cards and even doing cartwheels across the streets.

But, Schaafsma says the bottom line is the 24 hour picket was to bring attention to the hard work both the Union bargaining team and the District has done throughout the strike.


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