Budget Woes Come to Knoxville School District

The Knoxville Board of Education got a rundown this week from Superintendent Steve Wilder regarding the tentative fiscal year 2015 budget.

Wilder told board members the district is looking at an overall $286,000 budget deficit with most of that coming from their education fund.

This not a new situation for the district, however Wilder says it’s not a situation he’d like to be in. Wilder tells WGIL the deteriorating situation in Springfield has caught up with the district.

“The biggest issue for us is the pro-ration of General State Aid over the last couple of years has had a cumulative effect,” Wilder said.  “We’ve lost about $1.2 million in state funding over the last two years.  That includes the projection for this year.”

Wilder says the district received 89-percent of general state aid which was the same as last year.

He says other factors include a slight dip in enrollment as well as as a slow rise in the equalized assessed valuation. But Wilder says they’ve been able to make up deficits in the past and will do everything they can do that again.

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