Finance Committee Recommends Prescription Plan

Knox County SealDiscounts on prescription drugs could soon be offered to area residents.

The Knox County Finance Committee Wednesday recommended approval of a resolution that would allow for the signing of a contract with the National Association of Counties.

Knox County is already a member, but part of membership involves access to ancillary programs which includes the healthcare programs.

With the program, a 31-percent discount on generic drugs, and up to a 15-percent discount on name brand prescriptions could be available to residents participating.

County Clerk Scott Erickson says any contract signed still needs to be processed.

“I think they said, probably, four to six weeks we could have the materials back [and be] approved into the program,” Erickson said.  “While we’re doing that process, they’ll work on our marketing materials that we’re going to be needing, the cards they’ll have to be able to hand out to the constituents that want to take part in a prescription drug program.”

The program is run through NaCo with the partnering of CVS.

By signing the contract, Knox County would also see a rebate option become available. That means for every prescription filled, a 1-dollar kickback would be given.

The revenue generated would likely be given to the Knox County Health Department or involve some other way to support individuals lacking the means to afford healthcare.

The measure was recommended with only one abstention.

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