State Association Watching Galesburg Teachers Strike

8-18picA state agency is helping the Galesburg Education Association out as negotiations continue — or, in some cases — not continue — with the Galesburg School District.

Deb Tuttle is what is called the “UniServ” director for the local region of the Illinois Education Association. She’s been involved with the GEA in negotiating a new deal with District-205.

She can’t provide specifics on a contract necessarily as mediation continues to be in use, but Tuttle tells WGIL in all the work stoppages she’s dealt with, there’s one constant: teachers don’t want to strike or be on picket lines.

“But, they stand up for what’s right, not just for themselves, whatever the working condition is the students’ learning condition,” Tuttle said.  “That’s the highest priority of any educator, is how heir students work, and the progress that they make, and if their learning conditions aren’t the highest — if they’re not the best — then the students aren’t going to perform the best.”

Tuttle says many of the issues brought up in negotiations with District-205 are similar to other work stoppages statewide. She says the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board website is a great resource to see what other teachers statewide are trying to deal with in terms of getting fair contracts.

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