Major Pot Bust Last Month at Amtrak Depot

A Mattoon, Illinois man faces serious felony charges in Knox County after a search at the Galesburg Amtrak Depot almost a month ago.

Formal charges have been filed against 24-year-old Robert Spangler including a Class-X felony count of Cannabis Trafficking, a Class-One Felony count of Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver, and a Class-Two Felony offense of Possession of Cannabis.

Galesburg Police reports indicate officers stopped Spangler as he was getting off an Amtrtak train in Galesburg July 29th, and at the time, Spangler reportedly appeared to be shaking and nervous.

Spangler, who claimed he was just in California visiting family, was later released after he disallowed police to search his luggage.

But a later search resulted in the discovery of over nine-pounds of alleged cannabis.

Spangler was arrested in Mattoon on a Knox County Warrant.

He’s since been transported to the Knox County Jail, where he remains on $200,000 bond.

Preliminary and bond reduction hearings are scheduled, according to court records, for Monday.

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