Soybean Farmer Keeping an Eye on Potential Crop Disease

Farmers are keeping a close eye on their soybean crops after the discovery of “sudden death syndrome” was affecting crops around central Illinois.

In most cases, according to the University of Illinois Extension’s Angie Peltier, once the disease has hit the crop, there’s nothing that can be done.

She says she’s gotten a lot of reports of SDS popping up, and Peltier tells the WGIL Midday that the disease comes during the reproductive stages, and once it starts, it just takes over the plant.

“Last week we could actually see symptoms develop on plants and get more and more severe as time went on over the week, seemingly before our eyes,” says Peltier. “Yes, we do have it in Warren County and I imagine it’s elsewhere as well.”

Peltier says the disease normally only affects a few clusters of crops, but she has seen a few places in Logan and Mason counties that have lost entire fields to SDS.

She says just because nothing can be done this year doesn’t mean something can’t be done next.

One suggestion is to plant those affected crops later in the season.


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