Wisconsin Teachers Come to Galesburg to Lend Support

Picket2Two Wisconsin teachers with friends in Galesburg caught on to the current teachers strike and the ongoing contract dispute between the Galesburg Education Association and the District.
In an effort to show their support both came to Galesburg this weekend to stand on the picket lines and support the GEA.  Jim Nelsen, a high school teacher from Milwaukee, says the situations in Wisconsin and in Galesburg are very similar, with collective bargaining rights taking center stage.

Nelsen tells WGIL from what he’s seen, the conditions in the schools pose health issues and teachers should continue to speak out as long as they have the right to.

“When I take a look at this Galesburg situation and I see just the deplorable, unsafe working conditions, I can’t believe these photos that I’m looking at of the mold and the asbestos and all these teachers are saying is that they want a safe environment for themselves and for kids. And fortunately in Galesburg they still have the right to do that, they still have a voice for the children and we’ve lost that right in Wisconsin.”

When asked if Nelsen had seen any time stamps or dates on the pictures indicating when they were take,n he said he couldn’t tell, but believed them to be recent photos depicting the current issue.

He says he’s here to support the GEA and hopes they do not have to go through what he and other teachers did in Wisconsin.


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