District Accuses Union of Last-Minute Changes

Continuing-CoverageThe Galesburg School Board is accusing the Galesburg Education Association of not giving the whole story when it comes to what’s been described as the only remaining issue in contract negotiations that, so far, have extended a teachers strike into its third week.

The District-205 Board issued a statement yesterday accusing the GEA of working to change issues related to recall rights of teachers who have been laid off.

The board claims that a joint committee of administration and members of the union came up with a plan prior to contract negotiations.

They say not only is it against the letter of a new state law regarding teacher evaluations to re-write the plan, that the GEA is doing so “on short notice, and under the stressful conditions of the strike.”

The board says the law allows for recall rights being given to teachers who have good evaluations, not just those with the most seniority.

There is no comment yet from the union.

Negotiations with a federal mediator resume at two this afternoon at Lincoln Education Center. It’s possible a deal could be reached today. As soon as it is, we’ll bring it to you on WGIL and WGIL.com.

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