Strike Won’t Stop Dual Credit Students from Going to Class

Carl Sandburg CollegeIn District 205, there are some students who — along with their classes at Galesburg High School — also take classes at Carl Sandburg College.

The district and the college have a program set up that offers dual credit courses, such as welding.

As the teachers’ strike continues into its second week, Carl Sandburg president Lori Sundberg tells WGIL those students are still required to attend their Sandburg classes.

“We have Galesburg-Area Vocational [Center] students…weding courses,” Sundberg said.  “I, in fact, saw the high school students come in last Monday.  I was in the Student Center, and saw them come in.  So, they are attending.”

Sundberg says those students who participate in the dual credit programs are responsible getting themselves to their classes so regardless of the strike they would still have to be responsible to make it to class.

Those students have been in class since last Monday.

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