Deal Not Reached In Tuesday Contract Talks


The District 205 Board of Education says they will not further rewrite a teacher evaluation plan.

More than eight hours of mediation Tuesday failed to reach a contract settlement between District 205 and the Galesburg Education Association.

Emotions ran high at the conclusion of last night’s mediation session with the GEA claimingthey had submitted several “supposals.”

GEA Spokesperson Tami Qualls claims the Board of Education was not prepared to negotiate Tuesday night.

“We’re disappointed that the directive was not to bargain tonight according to the Board,” says Qualls. “It is of the utmost importance to establish normalcy in our community and with our students.”

The evaluation plan, otherwise being referred to as Recall Rights, has been cited as the lone remaining issue. At one point, the teacher’s union says it really has come down to a single word, although just what that word is has not been revealed.

Per state statute, the District will soon be leaving the professional growth model – which has been in use for about 15 years in favor of the “Danielson Model.” The new evaluation system rates teachers using a four-point scale – something that has been questioned as subjective by several members of the GEA.

Nonetheless, in a press release, the Board of Education says they will not “further rewrite” the evaluation plan. The system was developed by a joint committee consisting of both teachers and administrators.

The District Administration says the GEA’s insistence on the matter has “disrupted the community at large.”

Still, District 205 Superintendent Bart Arthur was a man of few words, Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately I’m very disappointed that we did not reach any agreement tonight,” says Arthur. “We’re still hopeful we’ll get a settlement.”

Mediation will resume today at 10 a.m.

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