Alderman Tried to Keep Pools Open During Teachers Strike

As negotiations continued between the Galesburg School District and the Galesburg Education Association, students remained on an extended summer break.

For some that sounded wonderful, but as the strike entered into its third week and the temperatures continue to stay warm students were still looking for things to occupy their time.

Alderman Jeremy Karlin tells WGIL it was a weekend out with his son at Lakeside Water Park that prompted his idea.

“I realized that the weather was going to be really hot, throughout the rest of the week, and it looked like the strike was going to continue,” Karlin said. “So, I called [City Manager] Todd Thompson, and dropped an e-mail to the rest of the City Council to say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep Lakeside Pool open for the week?’, thinking that students would go back later in the week.  But, this way, the kids would have somewhere to go, and it’s hot.”

Unfortunately, because of the timing of the strike most of the lifeguards who work Lakeside Water Park have gone back to school the city was unable to keep the pool open.

However, Karlin says the splash pads and wading pools were given extended hours until September 8th, but now that school’s back in session, those will go back to normal hours.

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